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    • Cellular prion protein binds laminin and mediates neuritogenesis 

      Graner, E.; Mercadante, A. F.; Zanata, S. M.; Forlenza, O. V.; Cabral, ALB; Veiga, S. S.; Juliano, M. A.; Roesler, R.; Walz, R.; Minetti, A.; Izquierdo, I; Martins, V. R.; Brentani, R. R. (Elsevier B.V., 2000-03-10)
      Laminin (LN) plays a major role in neuronal differentiation, migration and survival. Here, we show that the cellular prion protein (PrPc) is a saturable, specific, high-affinity receptor for LN. the PrPc-LN interaction is ...

    • Thyroid hormone treated astrocytes induce maturation of cerebral cortical neurons through modulation of proteoglycan levels 

      Dezonne, Romulo S.; Stipursky, Joice; Araujo, Ana P. B.; Nones, Jader; Pavao, Mauro S. G.; Porcionatto, Marimelia [UNIFESP]; Gomes, Flavia C. A. (Frontiers Research Foundation, 2013-08-12)
      Proper brain neuronal circuitry formation and synapse development is dependent on specific cues, either genetic or epigenetic, provided by the surrounding neural environment. Within the sesignals, thyroid hormones (T3 and ...