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    • A new family of Gonyleptoidea from South America (Opiliones, Laniatores) 

      Bragagnolo, Cibele [UNIFESP]; Hara, Marcos R.; Pinto-da-Rocha, Ricardo (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015-02-01)
      A new family of Laniatores, Gerdesiidae fam. nov., is proposed based on molecular and morphological evidence. Data also indicate that this new family is the sister family of Tricommatidae. Gerdesiidae fam. nov. has a ...

    • A new species of Leposoma (Squamata: Gymnophthalmidae) with four fingers from the Atlantic Forest central corridor in Bahia, Brazil 

      Rodrigues, Miguel Trefaut; Teixeira, Mauro; Recoder, Renato Sousa; Dal Vechio, Francisco; Damasceno, Roberta; Machado Pellegrino, Katia Cristina [UNIFESP] (Magnolia Press, 2013-03-28)
      Leposoma sinepollex sp. nov., a new species of the scincoides group, is described from a mountain region in the Atlantic Forest central corridor in state of Bahia, Brazil. the new species is characterized by elongate dorsal ...