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    • Convergent Total Synthesis of (+/-)-Apomorphine via Benzyne Chemistry: Insights into the Mechanisms Involved in the Key Step 

      Muraca, Ana Carolina A. [UNIFESP]; Perecim, Givago P. [UNIFESP]; Rodrigues, Alessandro [UNIFESP]; Raminelli, Cristiano [UNIFESP] (Georg Thieme Verlag Kg, 2017)
      Convergent total synthesis of (+/-)-apomorphine hydrochloride was accomplished by an approach that employs in the key step a sequence of transformations involving a [4+2]-cycloaddition reaction followed by a hydrogen ...

    • Metformin: Repurposing Opportunities for Cognitive and Mood Dysfunction 

      Ying, Melissa A.; Maruschak, Nadia; Mansur, Rodrigo Barbachan [UNIFESP]; Carvalho, Andre F.; Cha, Danielle S.; McIntyre, Roger S. (Bentham Science Publ Ltd, 2014-01-01)
      Background: Cognitive deficits differentially affect individuals with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) and mood disorders. Accumulating evidence implicates disturbances in metabolism as salient to cognitive function. Thus, ...

    • Ricinine-elicited seizures: A novel chemical model of convulsive seizures 

      Ferraz, A. C.; Pereira, L. F.; Ribeiro, R. L.; Wolfman, C.; Medina, J. H.; Scorza, F. A.; Santos, N. F.; Cavalheiro, E. A.; Da Cunha, C. (Elsevier B.V., 2000-04-01)
      The present investigation introduces ricinine-elicited seizures as a novel chemical model of convulsive seizure. Ricinine, a neutral alkaloid obtained from the plant Ricinus communis, induces seizures when administered to ...