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    • Correlates of lifetime alcohol misuse among older community residents in Brazil 

      Blay, Sergio Luis [UNIFESP]; Fillenbaum, Gerda G.; Andreoli, Sergio Baxter [UNIFESP]; Gastal, Fabio Leite (Cambridge Univ Press, 2009-04-01)
      Background: Little is known about the sociodemographic correlates and health effects associated with lifetime alcohol misuse in community dwelling elderly people in Brazil.Method: Data were obtained from a representative ...

    • Reestruturação produtiva e saúde no setor metalúrgico: a percepção das trabalhadoras 

      Araújo, Angela Maria Carneiro; Oliveira, Eleonora Menicucci de [UNIFESP] (Departamento de Sociologia da Universidade de Brasília, 2006-04-01)
      This paper discusses the new gender division of labour which results from the restructuring process in the metal industry emphasizing its impacts on the work and health conditions of women workers. The qualitative research ...

    • Sociodemographic profile and health condition of elderly patients attended at a community primary health center 

      Carlucio da Silva, Fernanda Borges; Filipini, Rosangela; Guarnieri, Ana Paula; Vieira, Nathalia Grangeiro; Bonvini, Andrea; Aguiar Alves, Beatriz da Costa; Azzalis, Ligia Ajaime [UNIFESP]; Junqueira, Virginia [UNIFESP]; Affonso Fonseca, Fernando Luiz [UNIFESP] (Elsevier Taiwan, 2016)
      Background/Purpose: The world has gradually been turning eyes to the elderly population due to the increased life expectancy. This study aimed to trace the sociodemographic profile and to analyze health conditions among ...