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    • Effects of dietary lipids on renal function of aged rats 

      Valente Gamba, C. [UNIFESP]; Zeraib Caraviello, A. [UNIFESP]; Matsushita, A. [UNIFESP]; Alves, G.m. [UNIFESP]; Nunes da Silva, L. [UNIFESP]; Nascimento Gomes, G. [UNIFESP]; Gil, Frida Zaladek [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica, 2001-02-01)
      Normal aging is accompanied by renal functional and morphological deterioration and dietetic manipulation has been used to delay this age-related decline. We examined the effects of chronic administration of diets containing ...

    • Fish Oil Supplementation Reduces Heart Levels of Interleukin-6 in Rats with Chronic Inflammation due to Epilepsy 

      Nejm, Mariana Bocca [UNIFESP]; Abou Haidar, Andre [UNIFESP]; Hirata, Aparecida Emiko [UNIFESP]; Oyama, Lila Missae [UNIFESP]; de Almeida, Antonio-Carlos Guimaraes; Cysneiros, Roberta Monterazzo; Cavalheiro, Esper Abrao [UNIFESP]; Scorza, Carla Alessandra [UNIFESP]; Scorza, Fulvio Alexandre [UNIFESP] (Frontiers Media Sa, 2017)
      Sudden unexpected death in epilepsy (SUDEP) is a major cause of premature death related to epilepsy. The causes of SUDEP remain unknown, but cardiac arrhythmias and asphyxia have been suggested as a major mechanism of this ...