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    • Body mass index and cardiovascular disease risk factors in seven Asian and five Latin American centers: Data from the International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) 

      Nogueira, Armando; Marcopito, Luiz Francisco [UNIFESP]; Lanas, Fernando; Galdames, Daniel; Wang, Jia Liang; Fang, Jing; Hu, Fan Wei; Ruiz, Alvaro; Lamsudin, Rusdi; Beltran, Alfredo; Chongsuvivatwong, Virasakdi|Yai, Hat; Poungvarin, Niphon; Kanluan, Tureesook; Tatsanavivat, Pyatat; Kaen, Khon; Heller, Richard; Page, John; O'Connell, Diane; Dobson, Annette; Valenti, Lisa (North Amer Assoc Study Obesity, 1996-05-01)
      We have tested the hypothesis that the relationship between body mass index (BMI) and other cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors as well as socioeconomic status is different in five Latin American populations (where ...

    • Haemophilia in the developing world: the Brazilian experience 

      Antunes, S. V. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2002-05-01)
      The success of haemophilia treatment is based on well-established criteria, and the use of clotting factor concentrates is fundamental. These strategies are seen in the developed world when measures of quality of life are ...