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    • The Brazilian 'Cracolandia' open drug scene and the challenge of implementing a comprehensive and effective drug policy 

      Ribeiro, Marcelo [UNIFESP]|Duailibi, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Frajzinger, Rosana; Sala Alonso, Ana Leonor; Marchetti, Lucas; Williams, Anna V.; Strang, John; Laranjeira, Ronaldo [UNIFESP] (Wiley-Blackwell, 2016)
      Open air drug scenes represent very substantial challenges to health and law enforcement professionals around the world, especially in LAMI countries. Crack-cocaine users have gathered for 25 years in Cracolandia (Sao ...

    • Changes in Dopamine Transpoter During Abstinence in Crack-cocaine Users: A Study with SPECT and TRODAT-1 

      Batista, Ilza Rosa [UNIFESP]; Felicio, Andre Carvalho; Jackowski, Andrea Parolin [UNIFESP]; Reis, Marilia Alves dos [UNIFESP]; Ribeiro, Wagner Silva [UNIFESP]; Laranjeira, Ronaldo [UNIFESP]; Castiglioni, Mario Luiz Vieira [UNIFESP]; Lacerda, Acioly Luiz Tavares de [UNIFESP]; Bressan, Rodrigo Affonseca [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2014-05-01)
    • Cocaine - Profiles, drug histories, and patterns of use of patients from Brazil 

      Dunn, J.; Laranjeira, R. (Marcel Dekker Inc, 1999-01-01)
      We studied profiles and drug histories of 294 cocaine users from 15 treatment services in São Paulo, Brazil during 1996-1997. Mean age of subjects was 27 years, and 90% were male. Over 50% had used five different substances ...

    • Contingency Management Is Effective in Promoting Abstinence and Retention in Treatment Among Crack Cocaine Users in Brazil: A Randomized Controlled Trial 

      Miguel, Andre Q. C. [UNIFESP]; Madruga, Clarice S. [UNIFESP]; Cogo-Moreira, Hugo [UNIFESP]; Yamauchi, Rodolfo [UNIFESP]; Simoes, Viviane [UNIFESP]; da Silva, Claudio J. [UNIFESP]; McPherson, Sterling; Roll, John M.; Laranjeira, Ronaldo R. [UNIFESP] (Educational Publishing Foundation-American Psychological Assoc, 2016)
      Crack cocaine dependence has become a severe public health problem in Brazil, and current psychosocial approaches to this problem have shown little or no effectiveness. Although contingency management is among the most ...

    • Contingency Management Targeting Abstinence Is Effective in Reducing Depressive and Anxiety Symptoms Among Crack Cocaine-Dependent Individuals 

      Miguel, Andre Q. C. [UNIFESP]; Madruga, Clarice S. [UNIFESP]; Cogo-Moreira, Hugo [UNIFESP]; Yamauchi, Rodolfo [UNIFESP]; Simoes, Viviane [UNIFESP]; Ribeiro, Ariadne [UNIFESP]; da Silva, Claudio J. [UNIFESP]; Fruci, Andrew; McDonell, Michael; McPherson, Sterling; Roll, John M.; Laranjeira, Ronaldo R. [UNIFESP] (Amer Psychological Assoc, 2017)
      Although contingency management (CM) is effective in promoting abstinence and treatment retention among crack cocaine users who meet the criteria for cocaine dependence, less is known about its off-target effects. In this ...

    • Crack cocaine - A two-year follow-up of treated patients 

      Laranjeira, R.; Rassi, R.; Dunn, J.; Fernandes, M.; Mitsuhiro, S. (Haworth Press Inc, 2001-01-01)
      Objectives: To investigate the 2-year outcome of the first 131 crack cocaine users who had been admitted for a period of inpatient treatment.Design: Follow-up study of consecutive patients admitted between 1992 and ...

    • Crack cocaine: A five-year follow-up study of treated patients 

      Ribeiro, M.; Dunn, J.; Sesso, R.; Lima, M. S.; Laranjeira, R. (Karger, 2007-01-01)
      Objectives: To follow-up a group of 131 crack cocaine users and examine drug use, treatment experience, employment status, involvement in crime and mortality at 2 and 5 years. Methods: Consecutive crack-dependent patients ...

    • Crack use in São Paulo 

      Nappo, S. A.; Galduroz, JCF; Noto, A. R. (Marcel Dekker Inc, 1996-01-01)
      Documented crack use emerged in São Paulo, Brazil, from 1991 onward. Therefore, it is a recent behavior among drug users. the present work draws a profile of São Paulo crack users, employing an ethnographic approach. ...

    • Factors associated with adverse reactions to cocaine among a sample of long-term, high-dose users in São Paulo, Brazil 

      Ferri, C. P.; Dunn, J.; Gossop, M.; Laranjeira, R. (Elsevier B.V., 2004-02-01)
      This cross-sectional survey investigates the frequency of adverse cocaine reactions and associated factors among regular cocaine misusers. A sample of 332 cocaine misusers from a range of treatment and nontreatment settings ...

    • High mortality among young crack cocaine users in Brazil: a 5-year follow-up study 

      Ribeiro, M.; Dunn, J.; Laranjeira, R.; Sesso, R. (Blackwell Publishing Ltd, 2004-09-01)
      Aims Follow-up studies show that smokers, alcoholics and heroin addicts have high mortality rates, but there is little information on crack users. We have investigated the mortality rate among this population, including ...