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    • Absolute and relative adrenal insufficiency in children with septic shock 

      Pizarro, C. F.; Troster, E. J.; Damiani, D.; Carcillo, J. A. (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2005-04-01)
      Objective: Corticosteroid replacement improves outcome in adults with relative adrenal insufficiency and catecholamine-resistant septic shock. We evaluated the relationship of absolute and relative adrenal insufficiency ...

    • Corticosteroids (inhaled and/or intranasal) in the treatment of respiratory allergy in children: safety vs. efficacy 

      Rizzo, Maria Candida Faria Varanda [UNIFESP]; Solé, Dirceu [UNIFESP]; Naspitz, Charles Kirov [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2007-09-01)
      Background: Topical administration of Corticosteroids (CS) can reduce the total dose of CS required to treat the patient and minimize side effects. Topical CS is extremely effective and has an excellent safety profile. ...

    • The Effect of Corticosteroid Withdrawal on Glucose Metabolism and Anti-GAD Antibodies in Simultaneous Pancreas-Kidney Transplant Patients 

      Silicani Ribeiro, Rogerio; Cristelli, Marina [UNIFESP]; Amor, Antonio J.; Guerrero, Vanessa; Ferrer, Joana; Jose Ricart, Maria; Esmatjes, Enric (Sage Publications Inc, 2016)
      Context: Corticosteroid withdrawal may reduce insulin resistance

    • Final height in congenital adrenal hyperplasia: the dilemma of hypercortisolism versus hyperandrogenism 

      Cordeiro, Giovana Vignoli; Silva, Ivani Novato; Goulart, Eugênio Marcos Andrade; Chagas, Antônio José das; Kater, Claudio Elias [UNIFESP] (Sociedade Brasileira de Endocrinologia e Metabologia, 2013-03-01)
      OBJECTIVE: The purpose of this study was to identify factors that might interfere with reaching the final height in patients with 21-hydroxylase deficiency (21-OHD). SUBJECTS AND METHODS: Thirty-one patients with classical ...

    • Growth velocity and weight gain in prepubertal asthmatic children 

      Renosto, Larissa Celiberto [UNIFESP]; Acatauassu, Carla [UNIFESP]; Andrade, Itana [UNIFESP]; Rafael, Marina Neto [UNIFESP]; Paulino, Talita Lemos [UNIFESP]; Suano-Souza, Fabola Isabel [UNIFESP]; Sole, Dirceu [UNIFESP]; Saccardo Sarni, Roseli Oselka (Assoc Medica Brasileira, 2017)
      Objective: To evaluate the stature growth rate (GR) and the weight gain of prepubertal asthmatic children. Method: A retrospective cohort study evaluating medical records of 85 children diagnosed with asthma, aged less ...

    • High prevalence of vertebral deformity in premenopausal systemic lupus erythematosus patients 

      Borba, VCZ; Matos, P. G.; Viana, PRD; Fernandes, A.; Sato, E. I.; Lazaretti-Castro, M. (Arnold, Hodder Headline Plc, 2005-01-01)
      In this paper we searched for vertebral deformities in a group of 70 premenopausal systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients (31.8 +/- 8.1 years old) and compared them to a matched control group of 22 healthy women (32.0 ...

    • Lysine-vasopressin in the evaluation of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in children with allergic rhinitis treated with intranasal beclomethasone dipropionate or oral prednisone 

      Kokron, C. M.; Castro, A. S.; Sole, D.; Naspitz, C. K. (J R Prous Sa, 1997-01-01)
      One of the complications of steroid therapy is the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis suppression, particularly in children where this can lead to growth suppression and other well known complications. Although there ...

    • Postoperative subconjunctival corticosteroid injection to prevent pterygium recurrence 

      Paris, Fabiana dos Santos [UNIFESP]; Farias, Charles Costa de [UNIFESP]; Melo, Gustavo Barreto de [UNIFESP]; Santos, Myrna Serapião dos [UNIFESP]; Batista, Jefferson Luiz Alves [UNIFESP]; Gomes, José Álvaro Pereira [UNIFESP] (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2008-05-01)
      Purpose: To report the outcome of postoperative subconjunctival injection of triamcinolone in eyes that underwent pterygium surgery and were at risk for recurrence.Methods: Twelve eyes of 11 patients with primary (7 eyes) ...

    • Reduced bone mineral density in men after heart transplantation 

      Anijar, José Ricardo; Szejnfeld, Vera Lucia [UNIFESP]; Almeida, Dirceu Rodrigues de [UNIFESP]; Fernandes, Artur da Rocha Correa [UNIFESP]; Ferraz, Marcos Bosi [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica, 1999-04-01)
      Heart transplantation is associated with rapid bone loss and an increased prevalence and incidence of fractures. The aim of the present study was to compare the bone mineral density (BMD) of 30 heart transplant (HT) ...

    • Toxicological considerations for intravitreal drugs 

      Penha, Fernando M. [UNIFESP]; Rodrigues, Eduardo B. [UNIFESP]; Furlani, Bruno A. [UNIFESP]; Dib, Eduardo [UNIFESP]; Melo, Gustavo B. [UNIFESP]; Farah, Michel E. [UNIFESP] (Informa Healthcare, 2011-08-01)
      Introduction: Intravitreal injections are a very common procedure and are the most effective route of drug delivery to the retina. There are currently several drugs available and even more are in development; therefore, ...