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    • Análise da utilização na prática dos termos atribuídos aos fenômenos de enfermagem da CIPE-Versão Alfa 

      Nóbrega, Maria Miriam Lima da; Gutiérrez, Maria Gaby Rivero de [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem, 2001-09-01)
      This study had the purpose of analysing the utilization of terms attributed to nursing phenomena in the practice of nurses from the state of Paraiba, Brazil. The results showed that all terms are used by nurses in some ...

    • Assessment of stage T1 (TNM 1997) for renal cell carcinoma: is recommended the subdivision in T1a and T1b? 

      Dall Oglio, Marcos Francisco [UNIFESP]; Srougi, Miguel [UNIFESP]; Mangini, Marcelo; Ribeiro, Eduardo [UNIFESP]; Ferraz, Márcio [UNIFESP]; Sañudo, Adriana [UNIFESP]; Leite, Kátia Ramos Moreira [UNIFESP]; Nesrallah, Luciano [UNIFESP] (Sociedade Brasileira de Urologia, 2003-04-01)
      INTRODUCTION: Classification TNM 1997 defines renal cell carcinoma smaller than 7 cm and confined to the kidney as stage T1. Our goal is to discuss if tumors smaller than 4 cm have the same behavior characteristics then ...

    • A brief historical note on the classification of nerve fibers 

      Manzano, Gilberto Mastrocola [UNIFESP]; Giuliano, Lydia M.p. [UNIFESP]; Nóbrega, João Antonio Maciel [UNIFESP] (Academia Brasileira de Neurologia - ABNEURO, 2008-03-01)
      This is a brief review of the literature focused on the articles that formed the basis for the classification of the nerve fibers. Mention is also made to the origin of the nomenclature of the different motoneurons (a, b and g).

    • Categories That Should Be Removed From Mental Disorders Classifications: Perspectives and Rationales of Clinicians From Eight Countries 

      Robles, Rebeca; Fresan, Ana; Elena Medina-Mora, Maria; Sharan, Pratap; Roberts, Michael C.; Mari, Jair de Jesus [UNIFESP]; Matsumoto, Chihiro; Maruta, Toshimasa; Gureje, Oye; Luis Ayuso-Mateos, Jose; Xiao, Zeping; Reed, Geoffrey M. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2015-03-01)
      ObjectiveTo explore the rationales of mental health professionals (mainly psychiatrists and psychologists) from 8 countries for removing specific diagnostic categories from mental disorders classification systems.MethodAs ...

    • Classificação da Organização Mundial da Saúde para os tumores dos tecidos hematopoético e linfoide, 4ª edição, 2008: principais modificações introduzidas em relação à 3ª edição, 2001 

      Zerbini, Maria Claudia Nogueira; Soares, Fernando Augusto; Velloso, Elvira Deolinda Rodrigues Pereira; Chauffaille, Maria de Lourdes Lopes Ferrari [UNIFESP]; Paes, Roberto Pinto (Associação Médica Brasileira, 2011-02-01)
      The World Health Organization (WHO) Classification of tumors of hematopoietic and lymphoid tissues (4th edition, 2008)¹ presents an updated version of the 3rd edition published in 2001². A summary of these changes relates ...

    • Classificação psicoacústica do zumbido persistente 

      Suzuki, Flavia Alencar de Barros [UNIFESP] (Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), 2016-10-25)
      Objective: To propose a new classification of persistent tinnitus using psychoacoustic characteristics and its association to the degree of discomfort, the impact on quality of life, the pitch, loudness and its masking. ...

    • As classificações e a construção do conhecimento na enfermagem 

      Souza, Mariana Fernandes De [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Enfermagem, 2002-12-01)
      ln the course of this article, knowledge is focused on as a process, a series of continuous transformations. Evolutionary aspects of knowledge in nursing are presented. Considerations are taken into account concerning the ...

    • Classification of Detected Changes From Multitemporal High-Res Xband SAR Images: Intensity and Texture Descriptors From SuperPixels 

      Barreto, Thiago L. M.; Rosa, Rafael A. S.; Wimmer, Christian; Moreira, Joao R.; Bins, Leonardo S.; Cappabianco, Fabio Augusto Menocci [UNIFESP]; Almeida, Jurandy [UNIFESP] (Ieee-Inst Electrical Electronics Engineers Inc, 2016)
      Remote sensing has been widely employed for monitoring land cover and usage by change detection techniques. In this paper, we cope with the early detection of the first signs of deforestation, which is the gateway for ...

    • The classification of glomerulonephritis in systemic lupus erythematosus revisited 

      Weening, Jan J.; D'Agati, Vivette D.; Schwartz, Melvin M.; Seshan, Surya V.; Alpers, Charles E.; Appel, Gerald B.; Balow, James E.; Bruijn, Jan A.; Cook, Terence; Ferrario, Franco; Fogo, Agnes B.; Ginzler, Ellen M.; Hebert, Lee; Hill, Gary; Hill, Prue; Jennette, J. Charles; Kong, Norella C.; Lesavre, Philippe; Lockshin, Michael; Looi, Lai-Meng; Makino, Hirofumi; Moura, Luiz A. [UNIFESP]; Nagata, Michio; Int Soc Nephrology; Renal Soc Working Grp Classificati (Blackwell Publishing Inc, 2004-02-01)
      The currently used classification reflects our understanding of the pathogenesis of the various forms of lupus nephritis, but clinicopathologic studies have revealed the need for improved categorization and terminology. ...

    • Disability rank in vestibular older adults 

      Aratani, Mayra Cristina [UNIFESP]; Perracini, Monica Rodrigues; Caovilla, Heloisa Helena [UNIFESP]; Gazzola, Juliana Maria; Gananca, Mauricio Malavasi [UNIFESP]; Gananca, Fernando Freitas [UNIFESP] (Wiley-Blackwell, 2011-01-01)
      Aim:To analyze the hierarchical structure of activities of daily living (ADL) among vestibular older adults, according to its power to discriminate disability.Methods:An exploratory cross-sectional study was conducted ...