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    • Expression of Phox2b by brainstem neurons involved in chemosensory integration in the adult rat 

      Stornetta, Ruth L.; Moreira, Thiago S.; Takakura, Ana C.; Kang, Bong Jin; Chang, Darryl A.; West, Gavin H.; Brunet, Jean Francois; Mulkey, Daniel K.; Bayliss, Douglas A.; Guyenet, Patrice G. (Soc Neuroscience, 2006-10-04)
      Central congenital hypoventilation syndrome is caused by mutations of the gene that encodes the transcription factor Phox2b. the syndrome is characterized by a severe form of sleep apnea attributed to greatly compromised ...

    • Galanin Is a Selective Marker of the Retrotrapezoid Nucleus in Rats 

      Stornetta, Ruth L.; Spirovski, Darko; Moreira, Thiago S. [UNIFESP]; Takakura, Ana C. [UNIFESP]; West, Gavin H.; Gwilt, Justin M.; Pilowsky, Paul M.; Guyenet, Patrice G. (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009-01-20)
      The rat retrotrapezoid nucleus (RTN) contains CO(2)-activated neurons that contribute to the central chemoreflex and to breathing automaticity. These neurons have two known markers, the transcription factor Phox2b and ...