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    • Effects of baclofen on reserpine-induced vacuous chewing movements in mice 

      Castro, JPMV; Frussa-Filho, R.; Fukushiro, D. F.; Silva, R. H.; Medrano, W. A.; Ribeiro, R. D.; Abilio, V. C. (Elsevier B.V., 2006-02-15)
      We have described that GABA mimetic drugs present the ability to inhibit the expression of reserpine-induced oral movements. in this respect, oral movements is associated with important neuropathologies. This study ...

    • Effects of gabaergic drugs on reserpine-induced oral dyskinesia 

      Peixoto, M. R.; Araujo, N. P.; Silva, R. H.; Castro, JPMV; Fukushiro, D. F.; Faria, R. R.; Zanier-Gomes, P. H.; Medrano, W. A.; Frussa-Filho, R.; Abilio, V. C. (Elsevier B.V., 2005-05-07)
      Recently we have described the antidyskinetic property of the GABA mimetic drugs valproic acid and topiramate on reserpine-induced oral dyskinesia. in this respect, oral dyskinesia has been associated with important ...