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    • Non-flat audiograms in sensorineural hearing loss and speech perception 

      Andrade, Kelly Cristina Lira de; Menezes, Pedro de Lemos; Carnaúba, Aline Tenório Lins; Rodrigues, Renato Glauco de Sousa; Leal, Mariana de Carvalho; Pereira, Liliane Desgualdo [UNIFESP] (Faculdade de Medicina / USP, 2013-06-01)
      OBJECTIVE: The audibility thresholds for the sound frequency of 137 upward- and downward-sloping audiograms showing sensorineural hearing loss were selected and analyzed in conjunction with speech recognition thresholds ...

    • Staying at the crossroads: assessment of the potential of serum lithium monitoring in predicting an ideal lithium dose 

      Lima, Thiago Zaqueu de [UNIFESP]; Blanco, Miriam Marcela [UNIFESP]; Santos-Junior, Jair Guilherme [UNIFESP]; Coelho, Carolina Tesone [UNIFESP]; Mello, Luiz Eugenio Araujo de Moraes [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Psiquiatria - ABP, 2008-09-01)
      OBJECTIVE: Lithium has been successfully employed to treat bipolar disorder for decades, and recently, was shown to attenuate the symptoms of other pathologies such as Alzheimer's disease, Down's syndrome, ischemic processes, ...