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    • Chiropractic intervention in the treatment of postmenopausal climacteric symptoms and insomnia: A review 

      Goto, Viviane [UNIFESP]; Frange, Cristina [UNIFESP]; Andersen, Monica L. [UNIFESP]; Junior, Jose M. S. [UNIFESP]; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Hachul, Helena [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2014-05-01)
      Introduction: Insomnia is a frequent postmenopausal symptom and may be due to hormonal changes, depressive states related to this period of life, hot flashes or nocturia. Chiropractic care has been demonstrated to be ...

    • Sleep and epilepsy: Exploring an intriguing relationship with a translational approach 

      Matos, Gabriela [UNIFESP]; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Scorza, Fulvio A. [UNIFESP]; Cavalheiro, Esper A. [UNIFESP]; Andersen, Monica L. [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2013-03-01)
      The relationship between sleep and epilepsy has been well established. There is a high prevalence of sleep disturbances in epilepsy, which are associated with a decreased quality of life of individuals with epilepsy. in ...

    • Sleep in post-menopausal women: Differences between early and late post-menopause 

      Hachul, Helena [UNIFESP]; Azeredo Bittencourt, Lia Rita [UNIFESP]; Soares, Jose Maria [UNIFESP]; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Baracat, Edmund Chada [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2009-07-01)
      Objective: the aim of this study was to evaluate the differences in sleep between women of early and late post-menopause.Study design: Thirty post-menopausal women who came to the climacteric service of their own volition ...