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    • Cellular prion protein (PrPC) modulates ethanol-induced behavioral adaptive changes in mice 

      Rial, Daniel; Pandolfo, Pablo; Bitencourt, Rafael M.; Pamplona, Fabricio A.; Moreira, Karin M. [UNIFESP]; Hipolide, Debora [UNIFESP]; Dombrowski, Patricia A.; Da Cunha, Claudio; Walz, Roger; Cunha, Rodrigo A.; Takahashi, Reinaldo N.; Prediger, Rui D. (Elsevier B.V., 2014-09-01)
      Chronic consumption of drugs with addictive potential induces profound synaptic changes in the dopaminergic mesocorticolimbic pathway that underlie the long-term behavioral alterations seen in addicted subjects. Thus, ...