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    • Enhancement of Mechanical Properties of Aluminum and 2124 Aluminum Alloy by the Addition of Quasicrystalline Phases 

      Wolf, Witor; Rodriguez Aliaga, Luis Cesar; Travessa, Dilermando Nagle [UNIFESP]; Moreira Afonso, Conrado Ramos; Bolfarini, Claudemiro; Kiminami, Claudio Shyinti; Botta, Walter Jose (Univ Fed Sao Carlos, Dept Engenharia Materials, 2016)
      A structural and mechanical characterization of pure aluminum and 2124 T6 aluminum alloy reinforced with quasicrystalline phases of composition Al65Cu20Fe15 and Al70.5Pd21Mn8.5 (% at.) were performed. The quasicrystalline ...