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    • The adjuvanticity of Chiococca alba saponins increases with the length and hydrophilicity of their sugar chains 

      Nico, Dirlei; Borges, Ricardo Moreira; Brandao, Layza Mendes; Feijo, Daniel Ferreira; Gomes, Daniele Crespo; Palatnik, Marcos; Rodrigues, Mauricio Martins [UNIFESP]; Ribeiro da Silva, Antonio Jorge; Palatnik-de-Sousa, Clarisa Beatriz (Elsevier B.V., 2012-05-02)
      The saponins of Chiococca alba are triterpene bidesmosides that contain glycidic moieties attached to the C-3 and C-28 carbon of their aglycone. We describe that their adjuvant potential increases in direct relationship ...