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    • Braking Indices of Pulsars Obtained in the Presence of an Effective Force 

      Magalhaes, Nadja S. [UNIFESP]; Okada, Andre S. [UNIFESP]; Frajuca, Carlos (World Scientific Publ Co Pte Ltd, 2017)
      The theoretical calculation of braking indices of pulsars is still an open problem. In this work we present a study on this issue which adapts the model that assumes that pulsars are rotating magnetic dipoles by introducing ...

    • A Model for the Braking Indices of Pulsars 

      de Oliveira, Heitor O.; Marinho, Rubens M., Jr.; Magalhaes, Nadja S. [UNIFESP] (World Scientific Publ Co Pte Ltd, 2017)
      Stars known as pulsars are generally modeled as magnetized spheres made of neutrons with high rotation frequency. It is known that such stars are spinning down and this braking is measured by a parameter, n, known as braking ...