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    • Coccidioidomycosis and Histoplasmosis in Equines: An Overview to Support the Accurate Diagnosis 

      Brilhante, Raimunda Samia Nogueira; Bittencourt, Paula Vago; Lima, Rita Amanda Chaves; Castelo-Branco, Debora; Oliveira, Jonathas Sales; Pinheiro, Adriana; Cordeiro, Rossana; Camargo, Zoilo Pires [UNIFESP]; Sidrim, Jose Julio Costa; Rocha, Marcos Fabio Gadelha (Elsevier Science Inc, 2016)
      Fungal infections of the respiratory tract of horses are not as frequent as those of bacterial and viral origin, often leading to worsening of clinical conditions due to misdiagnosis and incorrect treatment. Coccidioidomycosis ...