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    • Flunitrazepam-induced changes in neurophysiological, behavioural, and subjective measures used to assess sedation 

      Lucchesi, L. M.; Pompeia, S.; Manzano, G. M.; Kohn, A. F.; Galduroz, JCF; Bueno, OFA; Tufik, S. (Elsevier B.V., 2003-05-01)
      Introduction: Certain features of event-related potentials (ERPs), electroencephalographic (EEG), and behavioural measures vary with differing states of alertness and/or sedation. Purpose: This study was conducted to ...

    • P300 em sujeitos com perda auditiva 

      Reis, Ana Cláudia Mirândola Barbosa; Iorio, Maria Cecilia Martinelli [UNIFESP] (Pró-Fono Produtos Especializados para Fonoaudiologia Ltda., 2007-04-01)
      BACKGROUND: behavioral and electrophysiological evaluations contribute to the understanding of the hearing system and to the intervention process. AIM: to investigate the occurrence of P300 in subjects with congenital ...

    • Potenciais Auditivos De Longa Latência Para Avaliação Do Tratamento Medicamentoso Do Zumbido 

      Azevedo, Andreia Aparecida De [UNIFESP] (Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), 2018-10-30)
      Objective: To Verify If Long-Latency Evoked Potentials Present Changes In Their Latency And Or Amplitude That May Help To Measure, With The Thi (Tinnitus Handicap Inventory) And The Vas (Visual-Analogue Scale) Questionnaire, ...