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    • Analysis of ICAM-1 and HLA-DR expression on renal allograft aspirates 

      Manfro, Roberto Ceratti [UNIFESP]; Goncalves, LFS; Rauber, M.; Moura, Luiz Antonio Ribeiro de [UNIFESP] (Munksgaard Int Publ Ltd, 1996-08-01)
      ICAM-1 and HLA-DR expressions were studied on parenchymal cells obtained by aspirative biopsies of renal allografts. Patients were evaluated during 3 months after transplantation. Conventional cytology and immunoperoxidase ...

    • Conjunctival impression cytology evaluation of patients with dry eye disease using scleral contact lenses 

      Weber, Sarah La Porta [UNIFESP]; Hazarbassanov, Rossen Mihaylov [UNIFESP]; Nasare, Alex [UNIFESP]; Pereira Gomes, Jose Alvaro [UNIFESP]; Hofling-Lima, Ana Luisa [UNIFESP] (Elsevier Science Bv, 2017)
      Purpose: To evaluate conjunctival impression cytology and HLADR expression changes after wearing scleral contact lenses (ScCLs) for moderate to severe dry eye disease (DED). Design: Prospective interventional case series. ...

    • Influence of EDTA and heparin on lipopolysaccharide binding and cell activation, evaluated at single-cell level in whole blood 

      Brunialti, Milena Karina Coló [UNIFESP]; Kallas, Esper Georges [UNIFESP]; Freudenberg, M.; Galanos, C.; Salomão, Reinaldo [UNIFESP] (Wiley-Blackwell, 2002-02-15)
      Background: the use of whole blood (WB) in studying lipopolysaccharide (LPS)-induced cellular activation preserves the milieu in which LPS-cell interaction occurs in vivo. However, little information is available on using ...