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    • Effects of comfort food on food intake, anxiety-like behavior and the stress response in rats 

      Ortolani, Daniela [UNIFESP]; Oyama, Lila Missae [UNIFESP]; Ferrari, Elenice Aparecida de Moraes; Melo, Liana Lins [UNIFESP]; Spadari-Bratfisch, Regina Celia [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2011-07-06)
      It has been suggested that access to high caloric food attenuates stress response. the present paper investigates whether access to commercial chow enriched with glucose and fat, here referred to as comfort food alters ...

    • Functional beta(2)-adrenoceptors in rat left atria: effect of foot-shock stress 

      Moura, Andre Luiz de [UNIFESP]; Hyslop, Stephen; Grassi-Kassisse, Dora M.; Spadari, Regina Celia [UNIFESP] (Canadian Science Publishing, Nrc Research Press, 2017)
      Altered sensitivity to the chronotropic effect of catecholamines and a reduction in the beta(1)/beta(2)-adrenoceptor ratio have previously been reported in right atria of stressed rats, human failing heart, and aging. In ...