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    • Cysteine-protease activity elicited by Ca2+ stimulus in Plasmodium 

      Farias, Shirley Leite de Almeida [UNIFESP]; Gazarini, Marcos Leoni [UNIFESP]; Melo, Robson Lopes de [UNIFESP]; Hirata, Izaura Yoshico [UNIFESP]; Juliano, Maria Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Juliano, Luiz [UNIFESP]; Garcia, Célia Regina da Silva (Elsevier B.V., 2005-05-01)
      Bloodstage malaria parasites require proteolytic activity for key processes as invasion, hemoglobin degradation and merozoite escape from red blood cells (RBCs). We investigated by confocal microscopy the presence of ...

    • Hypervalent organotellurium compounds as inhibitors of P. falciparum calcium-dependent cysteine proteases 

      Maluf, Sarah El Chamy [UNIFESP]; Melo, Pollyana Maria Saud [UNIFESP]; Varotti, Fernando de Pilla; Gazarini, Marcos Leoni [UNIFESP]; Cunha, Rodrigo Luiz Oliveira Rodrigues; Carmona, Adriana Karaoglanovic [UNIFESP] (Elsevier Ireland Ltd, 2016)
      Hypervalent organotellurium compounds (organotelluranes) have shown several promising applications, including their use as potent and selective cysteine protease inhibitors and antiprotozoal agents. Here, we report the ...

    • Specific calpain activity evaluation in Plasmodium parasites 

      Gomes, Mayrim Machado [UNIFESP]; Budu, Alexandre [UNIFESP]; Ventura, Priscilla Dantas de Souza [UNIFESP]; Bagnaresi, Piero [UNIFESP]; Cotrin, Simone Silva [UNIFESP]; Cunha, Rodrigo Luiz Oliveira Rodrigues; Carmona, Adriana Karaoglanovic [UNIFESP]; Juliano, Luiz [UNIFESP]; Gazarini, Marcos Leoni [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2015-01-01)
      In the intraerythrocytic trophozoite stages of Plasmodium falciparum, the calcium-dependent cysteine protease calpain (Pf-calpain) has an important role in the parasite calcium modulation and cell development. We established ...