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    • Birthweight and the risk of childhood-onset type 1 diabetes: a meta-analysis of observational studies using individual patient data 

      Cardwell, Chris R.; Stene, Lars Christian; Joner, Geir; Davis, Elizabeth Anne; Cinek, Ondrej; Rosenbauer, Joachim; Ludvigsson, Jhonny; Castell, Conxa; Svensson, Jannet; Goldacre, Michael J.; Waldhoer, Thomas; Polanska, Joanna; Gimeno, Suely Godoy Agostinho [UNIFESP]; Chuang, Lee Ming; Parslow, Roger C.; Wadsworth, Emma J. K.; Chetwynd, Amanda; Pozzilli, Paolo; Brigis, G.; Urbonaite, Brone; Sipetic, Sandra; Schober, Edith; Ionescu-Tirgoviste, Constantin; Beaufort, Carine E. de; Stoyanov, Denka; Buschard, Karsten; Patterson, Chris Christopher (Springer, 2010-04-01)
      We investigated whether children who are heavier at birth have an increased risk of type 1 diabetes.Relevant studies published before February 2009 were identified from literature searches using MEDLINE, Web of Science and ...

    • Circulating renin-angiotensin system and catecholamines in childhood: is there a role for birthweight? 

      Franco, Maria do Carmo Pinho [UNIFESP]; Casarini, Dulce Elena [UNIFESP]; Carneiro-Ramos, Marcella S.; Sawaya, Ana Lydia [UNIFESP]; Barreto-Chaves, Maria Luiza M.; Sesso, Ricardo de Castro Cintra [UNIFESP] (Portland Press Ltd, 2008-03-01)
      There have been only a few reports on the sympathoadrenal and renin-angiotensin systems in children of small gestational age. the purpose of the present study was to investigate plasma levels of ACE (angiotensin-converting ...