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    • Diversidade e biogeografia das espécies arbóreas da tribo Crotoneae (Euphorbiaceae) na floresta atlântica 

      Santos, Rafaela Freitas dos [UNIFESP] (Universidade Federal de São Paulo, 2016-06-17)
      The Atlantic Forest is considered one of the world's hotspots of biodiversity and, even with the growing threat to its ecosystems, has a high level of biological diversity and endemism. Euphorbiaceae is one of the largest, ...

    • Endemism analysis of Neotropical Pentatomidae (Hemiptera, Heteroptera) 

      Ferrari, Augusto; Paladini, Andressa; Schwertner, Cristiano Feldens [UNIFESP]; Grazia, Jocelia (Fundação Zoobotânica do Rio Grande do Sul, 2010-12-01)
      The definition of areas of endemism is central to studies of historical biogeography, and their interrelationships are fundamental questions. Consistent hypotheses for the evolution of Pentatomidae in the Neotropical region ...