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    • Phagocyte-specific S100 proteins and high-sensitivity C reactive protein as biomarkers for a risk-adapted treatment to maintain remission in juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a comparative study 

      Gerss, Joachim; Roth, Johannes; Holzinger, Dirk; Ruperto, Nicolino; Wittkowski, Helmut; Frosch, Michael; Wulffraat, Nico; Wedderburn, Lucy; Stanevicha, Valda; Mihaylova, Dimitrina; Harjacek, Miroslav; Len, Claudio Arnaldo [UNIFESP]; Toppino, Claudia; Masi, Massimo; Minden, Kirsten; Saurenmann, Traudel; Uziel, Yosef; Vesely, Richard; Teresa Apaz, Maria; Kuester, Rolf-Michael; Rua Elorduy, Maria Jesus; Burgos-Vargas, Ruben; Ioseliani, Maka; Magni-Manzoni, Silvia; Unsal, Erbil; Anton, Jordi; Balogh, Zsolt; Hagelberg, Stefan; Mazur-Zielinska, Henryka; Tauber, Tsivia; Martini, Alberto; Foell, Dirk; Paediat Rheumatology Int Trials (Bmj Publishing Group, 2012-12-01)
      Objectives Juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) is a chronic inflammatory joint disease affecting children. Even if remission is successfully induced, about half of the patients experience a relapse after stopping ...