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    • Lipid bilayer pre-transition as the beginning of the melting process 

      Riske, Karin Amaral [UNIFESP]; Barroso, Rafael P.; Vequi-Suplicy, Cíntia Cristina; Germano, Renato; Henriques, Vera B.; Lamy, Maria Teresa (Elsevier B.V., 2009-05-01)
      We investigate the bilayer pre-transition exhibited by some lipids at temperatures below their main phase transition, and which is generally associated to the formation of periodic ripples in the membrane. Experimentally ...
    • Structural properties of lipid reconstructs and lipid composition of normotensive and hypertensive rat vascular smooth muscle cell membranes 

      Oliveira, Tiago.Ribeiro de; Lamy, Maria Teresa; De Paula, Urdiel Macedo [UNIFESP]; Guimarães, Luciana Lopes [UNIFESP]; Toledo, Marcos Sergio de [UNIFESP]; Takahashi, Helio Kiyoshi [UNIFESP]; Straus, Anita Hilda [UNIFESP]; Lindsey, Charles Julian [UNIFESP]; Paiva, Therezinha Bandiera [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica, 2009-09-01)
      Multiple cell membrane alterations have been reported to be the cause of various forms of hypertension. The present study focuses on the lipid portion of the membranes, characterizing the microviscosity of membranes ...
    • Study of Blood Porphyrin Spectral Profile for Diagnosis of Chronic Renal Failure 

      Tristao, Vivian Regina [UNIFESP]; Carvalho, Fernando Felippe de [UNIFESP]; Gomes, Cinthia Zanini; Miranda, Adriana Regina; Vequi-Suplicy, Cintia C.; Lamy, Maria Teresa; Schor, Nestor [UNIFESP]; Bellini, Maria Helena [UNIFESP] (Springer, 2010-05-01)
      The progression to end-stage renal failure is independent of the initial pathogenic mechanism. Metabolic acidosis is a common consequence of chronic renal failure that results from inadequate ammonium excretion and decreased ...