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    • No relative expansion of the number of prefrontal neurons in primate and human evolution 

      Gabi, Mariana; Neves, Kleber; Masseron, Carolinne; Ribeiro, Pedro F. M.; Ventura-Antunes, Lissa; Torres, Laila [UNIFESP]; Mota, Bruno; Kaas, Jon H.; Herculano-Houzel, Suzana (Natl Acad Sciences, 2016)
      Human evolution is widely thought to have involved a particular expansion of prefrontal cortex. This popular notion has recently been challenged, although controversies remain. Here we show that the prefrontal region of ...

    • Updated Neuronal Scaling Rules for the Brains of Glires (Rodents/Lagomorphs) 

      Herculano-Houzel, Suzana; Ribeiro, Pedro; Campos, Leandro; Silva, Alexandre Valotta da [UNIFESP]; Torres, Laila Brito [UNIFESP]; Catania, Kenneth C.; Kaas, Jon H. (Karger, 2011-01-01)
      Brain size scales as different functions of its number of neurons across mammalian orders such as rodents, primates, and insectivores. in rodents, we have previously shown that, across a sample of 6 species, from mouse to ...