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    • Dating stalagmite from Caverna do Diabo (Devil'S Cave) by TL and EPR techniques 

      Watanabe, Shigueo; Cano, Nilo Francisco [UNIFESP]; Gundu Rao, T. K.; Silva-Carrera, Betzabel N.; Carmo, Lucas S.; Quina, Antonio J. A.; Gennari, Roseli F.; Munita, Casimiro S.; Ayala-Arenas, Jorge S.; Fernandes, Bruno G. (Acad Brasileira De Ciencias, 2016)
      A cylindrical fragment of stalagmite from Caverna do Diabo, State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, has been studied and dated by thermoluminescence and electron paramagnetic resonance techniques. The thermoluminescence glow curves ...
    • High- and very-high-dose dosimetry using silicate minerals 

      Watanabe, Shigueo; Cano, Nilo Francisco [UNIFESP]; Carmo, Lucas S.; Barbosa, Renata de Faria [UNIFESP]; Chubaci, Jose F. D. (Elsevier B.V., 2015-01-01)
      In the present study, certain natural silicate minerals such as aquamarine (AB), morganite (PB), goshenite (WB), white jadeite (JW), green jadeite (JG), pink tourmaline (PT) and two varieties of jadeite-like quartz, denoted ...