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    • The antioxidant effects of green tea reduces blood pressure and sympathoexcitation in an experimental model of hypertension 

      Garcia, Michelle Louvaes [UNIFESP]; Pontes, Roberto Braz [UNIFESP]; Nishi, Erika Emy [UNIFESP]; Ibuki, Flavia K.; Oliveira, Vanessa [UNIFESP]; Sawaya, Alexandra Christine Helena; Carvalho, Patricia de Oliveira; Nogueira, Fernando Neves; Franco, Maria do Carmo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Oyama, Lila Missae [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP] (Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2017)
      Background: Oxidative stress is a key mediator in the maintenance of sympathoexcitation and hypertension in human and experimental models. Green tea is widely known to be potent antioxidant. Objective: We aimed to evaluate ...
    • Ascorbic acid prevents acute myocardial infarction induced by isoproterenol in rats: role of inducible nitric oxide synthase production 

      Ribeiro, Daniel Araki [UNIFESP]; Buttros, Juliana Beatriz [UNIFESP]; Oshima, Celina Tizuko Fujiyama [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP] (Springer, 2009-04-01)
      The goal of this study was to investigate whether sub-chronic anti-oxidant treatment with ascorbic acid (Vit C) is able to protect the heart against myocardial infarction. the effects of Vit C treatment on the histopatological ...
    • Autonomic and renal alterations in the offspring of sleep-restricted mothers during late pregnancy 

      Raimundo, Joyce Regina Santos [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Palma, Beatriz Duarte [UNIFESP]; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Gomes, Guiomar Nascimento [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP] (Atha Comunicacao & Editora, 2016)
      OBJECTIVES: Considering that changes in the maternal environment may result in changes in progeny, the aim of this study was to investigate the influence of sleep restriction during the last week of pregnancy on renal ...
    • Cardioprotective Actions of Ascorbic Acid during Isoproterenol-Induced Acute Myocardial Infarction in Rats 

      Buttros, Juliana Beatriz [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Ribeiro, Daniel Araki [UNIFESP]; Fracalossi, Ana Carolina Cuzzuol [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP] (Karger, 2009-01-01)
      Background/Aims: in the present study, we tested whether or not acute antioxidant treatment with vitamin C is able to protect the heart during myocardial infarction. the effects of vitamin C on the autonomic balancing of ...
    • Changes in GABAergic inputs in the paraventricular nucleus maintain sympathetic vasomotor tone in chronic heart failure 

      Carillo, Bruno de Arruda [UNIFESP]; Oliveira-Sales, Elizabeth Barbosa de [UNIFESP]; Andersen, Monica Levy [UNIFESP]; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Hipólide, Débora Cristina [UNIFESP]; Santos, A. A. [UNIFESP]; Tucci, Paulo José Ferreira [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2012-11-02)
      The paraventricular nucleus (PVN) of the hypothalamus is an important region of the brain involved in the regulation of sympathetic vasomotor tone. Accumulating evidence supports the idea that a change in hypothalamic ...
    • Chronic Nicotine Exposure Abolishes Maternal Systemic and Renal Adaptations to Pregnancy in Rats 

      Ferreira, Vanessa Meira [UNIFESP]; Passos, Clevia Santos [UNIFESP]; Maquigussa, Edgar [UNIFESP]; Pontes, Roberto Braz [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Boim, Mirian Aparecida [UNIFESP] (Public Library Science, 2016)
      Pregnancy is characterized by maternal systemic and intrarenal vasodilation, leading to increases in the renal plasma flow (RPF) and glomerular filtration rate (GFR). These responses are mainly mediated by nitric oxide ...
    • Chronic renal failure induces genetic instability in multiple organs of Wistar rats 

      Ribeiro, Daniel Araki [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP] (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009-04-01)
      Taking into consideration the strong evidence for a relationship between DNA damage and carcinogenesis, the aim of this study was to investigate whether blood, liver, heart, kidney and brain are particularly sensitive ...
    • Chronic Sleep Restriction during Pregnancy - Repercussion on Cardiovascular and Renal Functioning of Male Offspring 

      Lima, Ingrid L. B. [UNIFESP]; Rodrigues, Aline F. A. C. [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Hirata, Aparecida Emiko [UNIFESP]; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP]; Xylaras, Beatriz D. P. [UNIFESP]; Visniauskas, Bruna [UNIFESP]; Chagas, Jair Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Gomes, Guiomar Nascimento [UNIFESP] (Public Library Science, 2014-11-18)
      Changes in the maternal environment can induce fetal adaptations that result in the progression of chronic diseases in the offspring. the objective of the present study was to evaluate the effects of maternal chronic sleep ...
    • Differential Sympathetic Vasomotor Activation Induced by Liver Cirrhosis in Rats 

      Estrela, Heder Frank Gianotto [UNIFESP]; Damasio, Elaine S. [UNIFESP]; Fonseca, Eduardo K. U. N. [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP] (Public Library Science, 2016)
      We tested the hypothesis that there is a topographical sympathetic activation in rats submitted to experimental cirrhosis. Baseline renal (rSNA) and splanchnic (sSNA) sympathetic nerve activities were evaluated in anesthetized ...
    • Distinct effects of acute and chronic sleep loss on DNA damage in rats 

      Andersen, Monica Levy [UNIFESP]; Ribeiro, Daniel Araki [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Alvarenga, Tathiana Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Silva, Andressa [UNIFESP]; Zager, Adriano [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Tufik, Sergio [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 2009-04-30)
      The aim of this investigation was to evaluate genetic damage induced in male rats by experimental sleep loss for short-term (24 and 96 h) and long-term (21 days) intervals, as well as their respective recovery periods in ...
    • Efeito do exercício sobre a progressão da insuficiência renal crônica 

      Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP] (Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), 1993)
    • Efeitos cardiovasculares e renais da denervação seletiva das fibras sensoriais renais na Hipertensão Renovascular Experimental 

      Lopes, Nathalia Rodrigues [UNIFESP] (Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP), 2019-07-25)
      It is known that oxidative stress and increased renal sympathetic nervous activity (rSNA) play an important role in arterial hypertension (AH). Under physiological conditions, renal sympathetic fibers control renin release, ...
    • Effect of an isotonic rehydration sports drink and exercise on urolithiasis in rats 

      Abreu, Nayda Parisio de [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Di Marco, Giovana Seno [UNIFESP]; Razvickas, Clara Versolato [UNIFESP]; Schor, Nestor [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica, 2005-04-01)
      The objective of the present study was to evaluate the role of physical exercise as well as the influence of hydration with an isotonic sports drink on renal function in male Wistar rats. Four groups were studied over a ...
    • Effects of physical exercises on the nitric oxide (NO) production and diabetic nephropathy in rats with experimental diabetes mellitus(DM) 

      Rodrigues, Adelson Marçal [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Mouro, Margaret Gori [UNIFESP]; Higa, Elisa Mieko Suemitsu [UNIFESP] (Oxford Univ Press, 2007-01-01)
    • Electrical field stimulation improves bone mineral density in ovariectomized rats 

      Lirani-Galvão, Ana Paula Rebucci [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Silva, Orivaldo Lopes; Lazaretti-Castro, Marise [UNIFESP] (Associação Brasileira de Divulgação Científica, 2006-11-01)
      Osteoporosis and its consequent fractures are a great social and medical problem mainly occurring in post-menopausal women. Effective forms of prevention and treatment of osteoporosis associated with lower costs and the ...
    • Electroacupuncture and Moxibustion Decrease Renal Sympathetic Nerve Activity and Retard Progression of Renal Disease in Rats 

      Paterno, Josne Carla [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Higa, Elisa Mieko Suemitsu [UNIFESP]; Soares, Maria Fernanda Sanches [UNIFESP]; Schor, Nestor [UNIFESP]; Freire, Anaflavia de Oliveira [UNIFESP]; Teixeira, Vicente de Paulo Castro [UNIFESP] (Karger, 2012-01-01)
      Background/Aim: Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is an increasing major public health problem worldwide. the sympathetic nervous system and nitric oxide play an important role in the pathogenesis of CKD. Traditional Chinese ...
    • Evaluation of acute administration of natural products with potential diuretic effects, in humans 

      Laranja, Sandra Maria Rodrigues [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Schor, Nestor [UNIFESP] (Instituto Oswaldo Cruz, Ministério da Saúde, 1991-01-01)
      In order to evaluate the potential diuretic effect of two natural products, Elephantopus scaber and Alpinia speciosa, a trial administration was carried out in ten healthy volunteers and the effects compared to the those ...
    • G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor (GPER) Expression in The Kidney Of L-NAME-Induced Hypertension and 2K-1C Rats 

      de Oliveira Sales, Elizabeth Barbosa [UNIFESP]; Maruyama, Nadia Oliveira [UNIFESP]; Varela, Vanessa Araujo [UNIFESP]; Lucas, Thais F. [UNIFESP]; Boim, Mirian Aparecida [UNIFESP]; Porto, Catarina Segreti [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; de Campos, Ruy Ribeiro, Jr. [UNIFESP] (Federation Amer Soc Exp Biol, 2016)
    • Granulocyte-macrophage colony-stimulating factor gene based therapy for acute limb ischemia in a mouse model 

      Sacramento, Chester Bittencourt [UNIFESP]; Cantagalli, Vanessa Dionisio [UNIFESP]; Grings, Mariana [UNIFESP]; Carvalho, Leonardo Pinto [UNIFESP]; Costa Baptista-Silva, Jose Carlos [UNIFESP]; Beutel, Abram [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Moraes, Jane Zveiter de [UNIFESP]; Takiya, Christina Maeda; Samoto, Vivian Yochiko; Borojevic, Radovan; Silva, Flavia Helena da [UNIFESP]; Nardi, Nance Beyer; Dohmann, Hans Fernando; Silva Junior, Hamilton; Valero, Valderez Bastos [UNIFESP]; Han, Sang Won [UNIFESP] (Wiley-Blackwell, 2009-04-01)
      Background Granulocyte-colony-stimulating factor (GM-CSF) is a pleiotropic factor for hematopoiesis that stimulates myeloblasts, monoblasts and mobilization of bone marrow stem cells. Therefore, the GM-CSF gene is a potential ...
    • Importance of rostral ventrolateral medulla in rats with Goldblatt hypertension 

      Bergamaschi, Cassia Toledo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy Ribeiro [UNIFESP]; Schor, Nestor [UNIFESP]; Lopes, Oswaldo Ubriaco [UNIFESP] (Elsevier B.V., 1997-01-01)