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Title: Clinical presentation and genetic paradigm of diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma: a review
Authors: Traine, Peter G.
Schedler, Katharina J.
Rodrigues, Eduardo B. [UNIFESP]
Keywords: Diffuse Infiltrating Retinoblastoma
Childhood Cancer
RetinaConsecutive Eyes
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Acta Cirurgica Brasileira
Citation: Ocular Oncology And Pathology. Basel, v. 2, n. 3, p. 128-132, 2016.
Abstract: Retinoblastoma is the most common childhood cancer. Thanks to modern technology and good medical access, mortality in Europe has decreased to about 5%. Diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma is a very rare subtype of this neoplasm and is characterized by its atypical growth pattern. Diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma may mimic other more innocuous diseases and may therefore be misdiagnosed. The purpose of this paper was to provide a short review of the main symptoms of diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma presenting to the ophthalmologist and give a comparison to typical retinoblastoma. The second purpose was to set up a discussion of the genetic paradigm of diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma. It has often been described to occur sporadically
however, in the last years, it has been shown that it might be heritable. A literature search concerning diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma considering eng, German and Spanish cases and case series identified 77 patients. Moreover, an overview of general data, main symptoms, clinical findings and initial working diagnoses or referral diagnoses is given. Males were significantly more often affected than females. Diffuse infiltrating retinoblastoma can be heritable. Genetic analysis should be offered to the patient and relatives. Interdisciplinary medical follow-up care is needed to detect associated cancers. (C) 2015 S. Karger AG, Basel
ISSN: 2296-4681
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