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Title: Assessment of ultrasound and doppler parameters in the third trimester of pregnancy as predictors of adverse perinatal outcome in unselected pregnancies
Authors: Peixoto, Alberto Borges
Rodrigues da Cunha Caldas, Taciana Mara
Godoy Silva, Tacito Augusto
Silva Gomes Caetano, Mario Sergio
Martins, Wellington P.
Martins Santana, Eduardo Felix [UNIFESP]
Araujo Junior, Edward [UNIFESP]
Keywords: Ultrasound
Perinatal Outcome
Third Trimester Of PregnancyAmniotic-Fluid Index
Pulsatility Index
Reference Ranges
Fetal Weight
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Inst Brasileiro Pesquisa & Ensino Fisiologia Exercicio-Ibpefex
Citation: Ginekologia Polska. Gdansk, v. 87, n. 7, p. 510-515, 2016.
Abstract: Objective: The aim of the study was to investigate ultrasound and Doppler parameters in the third trimester of pregnancy as possible predictors of adverse perinatal outcome in unselected pregnancies. Material and methods: We performed a retrospective cross-sectional study including unselected pregnant women between 27 and 36 + 6 weeks of gestation. The following ultrasound and Doppler parameters were assessed: estimated fetal weight (EFW) [g], EFW percentile, placental maturity grade (Grannum classification), single vertical deepest pocket (SVDP) of amniotic fluid [cm], amniotic fluid index (AFI) [cm], mean uterine artery (UtA) pulsatility index (PI), umbilical artery (UA) PI, middle cerebral artery (MCA) PI, MCA peak systolic velocity (PSV) [cm/s], and cerebroplacental ratio (CPR). Adverse perinatal outcome was defined as Apgar score of < 7 at 1 min, birth weight of < 2500 g at delivery, and gestational age of < 37 weeks at delivery. The unpaired t test was used to compare the groups. Results: AFI (p = 0.01), mean UtA PI (p = 0.04) and mean UA PI (p = 0.03) were significantly different with regard to the Apgar score at 1 min. EFW, EFW percentile, SVDP of amniotic fluid, AFI, mean UtA PI, UA PI, and MCA PI were significantly different (p < 0.001) in terms of birth weight. Placental maturity grade (p = 0.02), SVDP of the amniotic fluid (p < 0.001), AFI (p < 0.001), mean UtA PI (p < 0.001), UA PI (p = 0.001), and MCA PI (p < 0.001) were significantly different as far as gestational age at delivery is concerned. Conclusion: Ultrasound and Doppler parameters may predict adverse perinatal outcomes in unselected pregnancies in the third trimester of pregnancy.
ISSN: 0017-0011
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