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Title: Cladistic analysis and revision of the obstinata group, genus Chinavia Orian (Hemiptera: Pentatomidae)
Authors: Genevcius, Bruno Celso [UNIFESP]
Grazia, Jocelia
Schwertner, Cristiano Feldens [UNIFESP]
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Univ Fed Rio Grande do Sul
Keywords: Atlantic rain forest
Issue Date: 22-Aug-2012
Publisher: Magnolia Press
Citation: Zootaxa. Auckland: Magnolia Press, n. 3434, p. 1-30, 2012.
Abstract: The monophyletic genus Chinavia Orian includes 80 species of which 18 are endemic to Brazil. The general morphology of the species allows the recognition of different groups of species, however, the monophyly and the phylogenetic relationships of those groups has not been investigated. We present here the first cladistic analysis involving species of Chinavia, with particular focus on the obstinata group, which currently includes 3 species: Chinavia difficilis, C. obstinata and C. napaea. Our results based on 40 morphological characters support the monophyly of the obstinata group and its relationship with other species of Chinavia. Diagnosis and a formal description of the obstinata group, as well as redescriptions and illustrations of each species, are given.
ISSN: 1175-5326
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