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Title: Celiac disease, epilepsy, and cerebral calcifications: A neuropsychological case study
Authors: Miranda, Monica Carolina [UNIFESP]
Muszkat, Mauro [UNIFESP]
Bueno, Orlando Francisco Amodeo [UNIFESP]
Rizzut, Sueli [UNIFESP]
Pereira, Mariana Machado [UNIFESP]
Almeida, Iara Leda Brandão de [UNIFESP]
Gomes, Maria Dulce Costa [UNIFESP]
Nanya, Adriana Coutinho
Vieira, MGS
Battistin, L.
Dam, M.
Tonin, P.
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2002
Publisher: Medimond S R L
Citation: Neurological Rehabilitation, Proceedings. 40128 Bologna: Medimond S R L, p. 425-431, 2002.
Abstract: We present the neuropsychological examination of a 6-year-old child with bilateral parietal-occipital calcification associated with celiac disease. The main disruptions were observed in visuo-spatial and visuo-motor organization, spatial analysis and synthesis, as well as visual memory. Other cognitive functions (intelligence, audio-verbal memory, motor functions, and attention) presented no disturbances in the course of the development. The pattern observed in the neuropsychological evaluation is an important indicator of the possible effects of occipital calcification associated with the semiology of occipital lobe epilepsy in the development of cognitive functions, which have not been investigated as yet.
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