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Title: Effect of physical training on metabolic responses of pregnant rats submitted to swimming under thermal stress
Authors: Lazo-Osorio, Rodrigo Alexis
Pereira, Rafael [UNIFESP]
Christofani, Junia Scarlatelli [UNIFESP]
Russo, Adriana Kowalesky [UNIFESP]
Machado, Marco
Ribeiro, Wellington
Picarro, Ivan da Cruz [UNIFESP]
Univ Vale Paraiba
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Univ Iguacu
Keywords: Physical Training
Pregnant Rats
Glucose Metabolism
Triglycerides Metabolism
Thermal Stress
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2009
Publisher: Isfahan Univ Med Sciences
Citation: Journal Of Research In Medical Sciences. Isfahan: Isfahan Univ Med Sciences, v. 14, n. 4, p. 223-230, 2009.
Abstract: BACKGROUND: The aim of this study is to assess the effect of pre-pregnancy physical training oil metabolic responses and its effects oil offspring.METHODS: Three groups of rats (n = 7 in each group): sedentary pregnant rats (PS), exercised during pregnancy (PE) and pregnant rats trained before and during pregnancy (PT) were compared. They were separated into three Subgroups regarding water temperature: 28 degrees C, 35 degrees C or 39 degrees C. Plasma triglycerides and glucose levels, weight gain during pregnancy and rectal temperature pre and post exercise (swim), as well as the offspring size and weight were analysed.RESULTS: Rectal temperature post exercise was lower than pre exercise at 28 degrees C and 35 degrees C, and higher at 39 degrees C. Weight gain was lower at 39 degrees C for the PT group and at 35 degrees C for the PT and PE groups compared to the PS group. Plasma glucose, at 28 degrees C and 39 degrees C for PS and PE groups, was higher than those obtained at 35 degrees C, while triglycerides were lower. For trained rats, plasma glucose and triglycerides were similar at all water temperatures. Trained rats presented lower triglyceride values at 35 degrees C, and higher triglyceride values at 39 degrees C compared to PS group. Glucose presented inverse results. None of the groups presented fetal reabsorption. However, in the PS group, the offspring presented lower weight gain at 28 degrees C than at 35 degrees C and 39 degrees C.CONCLUSIONS: These results suggest that pre-pregnancy physical training induces steady values of triglycerides and glucose during exercise at all water temperatures.
ISSN: 1735-1995
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