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Title: Assembling the Puzzle for Promoting Physical Activity in Brazil: A Social Network Analysis
Authors: Brownson, Ross C.
Parra, Diana C.
Dauti, Marsela
Harris, Jenine K.
Hallal, Pedro C.
Hoehner, Christine
Malta, Deborah Carvalho
Reis, Rodrigo S.
Ramos, Luiz Roberto [UNIFESP]
Ribeiro, Isabela C.
Soares, Jesus
Pratt, Michael
Washington Univ
St Louis Univ
Univ Fed Pelotas
Brazil Minist Hlth
Pontificia Univ Catolica Parana
Univ Fed Parana
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Ctr Dis Control & Prevent
Keywords: collaboration
Latin America
Issue Date: 1-Jul-2010
Publisher: Human Kinetics Publ Inc
Citation: Journal Of Physical Activity & Health. Champaign: Human Kinetics Publ Inc, v. 7, n. S2, p. S242-S252, 2010.
Abstract: Background: Physical inactivity is a significant public health problem in Brazil that may be addressed by partnerships and networks. In conjunction with Project GUIA (Guide for Useful Interventions for Physical Activity in Brazil and Latin America), the aim of this study was to conduct a social network analysis of physical activity in Brazil. Methods: An online survey was completed by 28 of 35 organizations contacted from December 2008 through March 2009. Network analytic methods examined measures of collaboration, importance, leadership, and attributes of the respondent and organization. Results: Leadership nominations for organizations studied ranged from 0 to 23. Positive predictors of collaboration included: south region, GUIA membership, years working in physical activity, and research, education, and promotion/practice areas of physical activity. The most frequently reported barrier to collaboration was bureaucracy. Conclusion: Social network analysis identified factors that are likely to improve collaboration among organizations in Brazil.
ISSN: 1543-3080
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