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Title: Effect of eletroacupuncture on DU-14 (Dazhui), DU-2 (Yaoshu), and liv-13 (Zhangmen) on the survival of Wistar rats' dorsal skin flaps
Authors: Uema, Deise [UNIFESP]
Orlandi, Denise [UNIFESP]
Freitas, Raphael R. [UNIFESP]
Rodgerio, Tatiane [UNIFESP]
Yamamura, Ysao [UNIFESP]
Tabosa, Angela Maria Florencio [UNIFESP]
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2008
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Citation: Journal Of Burn Care & Research. Philadelphia: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, v. 29, n. 2, p. 353-357, 2008.
Abstract: The survival of skin flaps has great interest in many areas of Medicine. In practice, one of the most important complications in the use of skin flaps is the tissue ischemia, which frequently results in widespread necrosis and failure of the proposed treatments. The objective of this study was to evaluate the possible benefits of eletroacupuncture stimulation of the points DU-14 (Dazhui), DU-2 (Yaoshu), and Liv-13 (Zhangmen) over the skin flap survival of Wistar rats after 8 days of treatment. Forty male Wistar rats were allocated into four groups with 10 animals each. They were submitted to a surgical procedure in which a dorsal skin flap measuring 10 x 4 cm was elevated and then sutured back with a plastic barrier between the flap and the donor site. During the following 8 days, one group received electro stimulation in two nonaccupoints whereas the other one had the accupoints DU-14 (Dazhui), DU-2 (Yaoshu), and Liv-13 (Zhangmen) stimulated. After this period, the rats were killed and flaps were appraised qualitative and quantitatively. Data were evaluated with analysis of variance and to establish significance Fisher's PLSD test was used when analysis of variance showed P < .05. It was observed that electroacupuncture group presented a skin flap survival index remarkably larger than the others. It has also shown a better evolution during the 8 days PO, confirmed by the lowest rate of necrosis and absent area. In this experimental model, eletroacupuncture was an efficient method to preserve vitality and decrease dorsal skin flap necrosis on Wistar rats.
ISSN: 1559-047X
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