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Title: Predominance of CD4 Th1 and CD8 Tc1 cells revealed by characterization of the cellular immune response generated by immunization with a DNA vaccine containing a Trypanosoma cruzi gene
Authors: Rodrigues, Mauricio Martins [UNIFESP]
Ribeirao, Marcelo [UNIFESP]
Pereira-Chioccola, Vera Lucia [UNIFESP]
Renia, Laurent
Costa, Fabio [UNIFESP]
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Inst Dante Pazzanese Cardiol Estado Sao Paulo
Univ Paris 05
Issue Date: 1-Aug-1999
Publisher: Amer Soc Microbiology
Citation: Infection And Immunity. Washington: Amer Soc Microbiology, v. 67, n. 8, p. 3855-3863, 1999.
Abstract: Immunization with a plasmid DNA containing the gene encoding the catalytic domain of trans-sialidase (TS) elicits protective immune responses against experimental Trypanosoma cruzi infection. As several studies provided strong evidence that during infection CD4 Th1 and CD8 T cytotoxic type 1 (Tc1) cells are important factors in host resistance, the present study was designed to evaluate which T-cell types were activated in DNA-vaccinated BALB/c mice. We found that bulk cells from DNA-immunized mice had CD4 and CD8 T cells that produced gamma interferon (IFN-gamma) but not interleukin-4 (IL-4) or IL-10. To characterize the TS-specific T cells at the clonal level, we generated CD4 and CD8 clones. We obtained cytotoxic CD4 clones of the Th1 type that secreted large amounts of IFN-gamma but not IL-4 or IL-10. Unexpectedly, we obtained other CD4 clones with a Th2 phenotype, secreting IL-4 and IL-10 but not IFN-gamma. All CD8 clones were cytotoxic and produced IFN-gamma. IL-4 and IL-10 were not secreted by these cells. Using synthetic peptides, we determined a CDS epitope recognized by several clones as being represented by amino acids IYNVGQVSI. The antiparasitic activity of a CD4 Th1 and a CDS Tc1 clone was assessed in vitro. CD4 or CD8 T cells significantly inhibited T. cruzi development in infected macrophages or fibroblasts, respectively. We concluded that DNA vaccine efficiently generates potentially protective CD4 Th1 and CD8 Tc1 cells specific for a T. cruzi antigen, therefore reinforcing the possibility of using this strategy for developing a preventive or therapeutic vaccine against Chagas' disease.
ISSN: 0019-9567
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