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Title: Chromosome X Aneuploidy in Brazilian Schizophrenic Patients
Authors: De Moraes, Leopoldo Silva
Khayat, Andre Salim [UNIFESP]
Lima De Lima, Patricia Danielle
Lima, Eleonidas Moura
Pinto, Giovanny Reboucas
Leal, Mariana Ferreira [UNIFESP]
Smith, Marilia de Arruda Cardoso [UNIFESP]
Burbano, Rommel Rodriguez [UNIFESP]
Univ Fed Piaui
Fed Univ Para
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Keywords: Aneuploidy
chromosome X
fluorescence in situ hybridization
Issue Date: 1-May-2010
Publisher: Int Inst Anticancer Research
Citation: In Vivo. Athens: Int Inst Anticancer Research, v. 24, n. 3, p. 279-284, 2010.
Abstract: The identification of cytogenetic abnormalities in schizophrenic patients may provide clues to the genes involved in this disease. For this reason, a chromosomal analysis of samples from 62 schizophrenics and 70 controls was performed with trypsin-Giemsa banding and fluorescence in situ hybridization of the X chromosome. A clonal pericentric inversion on chromosome 9 was detected in one male patient, and we also discovered mosaicism associated with X chromosome aneuploidy in female patients, primarily detected in schizophrenic and normal female controls over 40 years old. When compared with age-matched female controls, the frequency of X chromosome loss was not significantly different between schizophrenics and controls, except for the 40- to 49-year-old age group. Our findings suggest that the X chromosome loss seen in schizophrenic patients is inherent to the normal cellular aging process. However, our data also suggest that X chromosome gain may he correlated with schizophrenia in this Brazilian population.
ISSN: 0258-851X
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