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Title: Molecular Insights into the Possible Role of Kir4.1 and Kir5.1 in Thyroid Hormone Biosynthesis
Authors: Ramos, Helton Estrela
Dias da Silva, Magnus Regios [UNIFESP]
Carre, Aurore
Silva, Joaquim Custodio
Paninka, Rolf Matias [UNIFESP]
Oliveira, Taise Lima
Tron, Elodie
Castanet, Mireille
Polak, Michel
Univ Paris 05
Hop Necker Enfants Malad
Univ Hosp Rouen
Universidade Federal da Bahia (UFBA)
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Keywords: Potassium channel
Congenital hypothyroidism
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2015
Publisher: Karger
Citation: Hormone Research in Paediatrics. Basel: Karger, v. 83, n. 2, p. 141-147, 2015.
Abstract: Introduction: Thyroid morphogenesis is a complex process. Inwardly rectifying potassium (Kir) genes play a role in hormone release, cell excitability, pH and K+ homeostasis in many tissues. Objectives: To investi gate the thyroid developmental expression of three members, Kir4.1, Kir4.2 and Kir5.1, in mice. To postulate the K+ channel role in thyroid hormone secretion. Material and Methods: Quantitative RTPCR analysis of Kir4.1, Kir4.2 and Kir5.1 in mice of different stages (E13.5-E18.5). Results: mRNA for Kir4.1, Kir4.2 and Kir5.1 were identified and increased with age in mice. Both Kir4.1 and Kir4.2 genes are better expressed after E16.5. Kir4.2 greatly increases from E13.5 to E16.5 (p >= 0.05). Conclusion: Quantitative PCR shows that the mouse thyroid presents increased expression for Kir channels during development. the role of Kir in thyroid morphogenesis and differ entiation might be understood in future studies. We speculate that thyroglobulin trafficking might be modulated by Kir4.1/5.1. (C) 2015 S. Karger AG, Basel
ISSN: 1663-2818
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