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Title: Preclinical Investigations of Intravitreal Ziv-Aflibercept
Authors: Oliveira Dias, Joao Rafael de [UNIFESP]
Badaro, Emmerson [UNIFESP]
Novais, Eduardo Amorim [UNIFESP]
Colicchio, Daniel [UNIFESP]
Denadai Chiarantin, Gabrielly Maria [UNIFESP]
Matioli, Mariana Mauricio [UNIFESP]
Verna, Carina [UNIFESP]
Penha, Fernando Marcondes [UNIFESP]
Tenorio Barros, Nilana Meza [UNIFESP]
Meyer, Carsten H. [UNIFESP]
Farah, Michel Eid [UNIFESP]
Rodrigues, Eduardo Buchele [UNIFESP]
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Issue Date: 1-Nov-2014
Publisher: Slack Inc
Citation: Ophthalmic Surgery Lasers & Imaging Retina. Thorofare: Slack Inc, v. 45, n. 6, p. 577-584, 2014.
Abstract: BACKGROUND and OBJECTIVE: To investigate the retinal safety of intravitreal (IVT) ziv-aflibercept in rabbits.MATERIALS and METHODS: Eighteen rabbits were given an IVT injection of ziv-aflibercept (25 mg/mL) or aflibercept (40 mg/mL) and examined by funduscopy, electroretinography (ERG), optical coherence tomography (OCT), light microscopy, and transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Serum, aqueous, and vitreous were obtained afterward for osmolarity analysis. the effect of ziv-aflibercept on human retinal cultured cells (ARPE-19) was assessed by the MTT cell viability assay.RESULTS: All eyes showed normal funduscopy, OCT, and ERG findings at baseline and 24 hours or 7 days after the procedure. Median baseline serum, vitreous, and aqueous osmolarity remained unchanged. Histology and TEM showed no major anatomic signs of toxicity. No cytotoxic effect was observed in ARPE-19 cells exposed to ziv-aflibercept.CONCLUSION: IVT injection ziv-aflibercept at a concentration of 25 mg/mL proved to be safe for the rabbit retina.
ISSN: 2325-8160
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