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Title: Anti-tumor activity of grape juice concentrate in the rat tongue two-stage initiation-promotion protocol induced by 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide
Authors: Pacheco de Jesus, Gustavo Protasio [UNIFESP]
Pidone Ribeiro, Flavia Andressa [UNIFESP]
Gomes de Moura, Carolina Foot [UNIFESP]
Boiago Gollucke, Andrea Pitelli
Oshima, Celina Tizuko Fujiyama [UNIFESP]
Ribeiro, Daniel Araki [UNIFESP]
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Catholic Santos Univ
Keywords: 4 nitroquinoline 1-oxide
grape juice
oral cancer
Issue Date: 1-May-2014
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Citation: Toxicology Mechanisms and Methods. London: Informa Healthcare, v. 24, n. 4, p. 276-283, 2014.
Abstract: The aim of this study was to evaluate the anti-tumor activity of grape juice concentrate following medium-term oral carcinogenesis assay induced by 4-nitroquinoline 1-oxide (4NQO). A total of 30 male Wistar rats were distributed into five groups, as follows (n = 6 per group): Group 1 - negative control group (non-treated group); Group 2 - received grape juice concentrate at 1% dose by gavage for eight consecutive weeks; Group 3 - received 4NQO for 8 weeks at 20 ppm dose in drinking water daily; Group 4 - received 4NQO at 20 ppm dose during 8 weeks in drinking water and treated with grape juice concentrate at 1% dose orally by gavage for first 4 weeks after 4-NQO administration; Group 5 - received 4NQO at 20 ppm dose for 8 weeks in drinking water and treated with grape juice concentrate at 1% dose orally by gavage between the 5th and 8th weeks daily. Histopathological analysis revealed a decrease in hyperplasic and dysplastic lesions in Group 4. Groups 4 and 5 showed decreased COX-2 and TNF-alpha and eNOS gene expression. Grape juice concentrate also increased SOD Cu/Zn and catalase expression. However, Ki-67 immunoexpression was reduced at the promotion step of oral carcinogenesis (G5). Taken together, our results demonstrate that grape juice concentrate modulates rat tongue carcinogenesis as a result of anti-inflammatory activity, antioxidant activity and down-regulation of oral cells proliferation.
ISSN: 1537-6516
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