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Title: Recommendations for the management of candidemia in neonates in Latin America
Authors: Santolaya, Maria E.
Alvarado Matute, Tito
Telles, Flavio de Queiroz
Colombo, Arnaldo Lopes [UNIFESP]
Zurita, Jeannete
Nora Tiraboschi, Iris
Alberto Cortes, Jorge
Thompson-Moya, Luis
Guzman-Blanco, Manuel
Sifuentes, Jose
Echevarria, Juan
Nucci, Marcio
Univ Chile
Hosp Escuela Tegucigalpa
Univ Fed Parana
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Pontificia Univ Catolica Ecuador
Univ Buenos Aires
Univ Nacl Colombia
Univ Desarrollo
Hosp Privado
Natl Inst Med Sci & Nutr
Univ Peruana Cayetano Heredia
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ)
Keywords: Recommendations
Latin America
Issue Date: 31-Jul-2013
Publisher: Asociacion Espanola Micologia-aem
Citation: Revista Iberoamericana de Micologia. Bilbao: Asociacion Espanola Micologia-aem, v. 30, n. 3, p. 158-170, 2013.
Abstract: Candidemia is one of the most frequent opportunistic mycoses worldwide. Limited epidemiological studies in Latin America indicate that incidence rates are higher in this region than in the Northern Hemisphere. Diagnosis is often made late in the infection, affecting the initiation of antifungal therapy. A more scientific approach, based on specific parameters, for diagnosis and management of candidemia in Latin America is warranted.'Recommendations for the diagnosis and management of candidemia' are a series of manuscripts that have been developed by members of the Latin America Invasive Mycosis Network. They aim to provide a set of best-evidence recommendations for the diagnosis and management of candidemia.This publication, 'Recommendations for the management of candidemia in neonates in Latin America', was written to provide guidance to healthcare professionals on the management of neonates who have, or who are at risk of, candidemia.Computerized searches of existing literature were performed by PubMed. the data were extensively reviewed and analyzed by members of the group. the group also met on two occasions to pose questions, discuss conflicting views, and deliberate on a series of management recommendations.'Recommendations for the management of candidemia in neonates in Latin America' includes prophylaxis, empirical therapy, therapy for proven candidemia, patient work-up following diagnosis of candidemia, central venous catheter management, and management of complications.This manuscript is the fourth of this series that deals with diagnosis and treatment of invasive candidiasis. Other publications in this series include: 'Recommendations for the diagnosis of candidemia in Latin America', 'Recommendations for the management of candidemia in adults in Latin America', and 'Recommendations for the management of candidemia in children in Latin America'.This article is also published in Spanish in this issue. It can be found in 2013 Revista lberoamericana de Micologia. Published by Elsevier Espana, S.L. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 1130-1406
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