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Title: Electroretinography in dogs using a fiber electrode prototype
Authors: Pereira, Antonio Luiz
Montiani-Ferreira, Fabiano
Santos, Vagner Rogerio dos [UNIFESP]
Salomão, Solange Rios [UNIFESP]
Souza, Claudia Regina Dias de
Berezovsky, Adriana [UNIFESP]
Clin Vet Arca Noe
Univ Fed Parana
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Washington State Univ
Keywords: Electroretinography
Issue Date: 1-Mar-2013
Publisher: Assoc Bras Divulg Cientifica
Citation: Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research. São Paulo: Assoc Bras Divulg Cientifica, v. 46, n. 3, p. 257-262, 2013.
Abstract: We compared two electroretinography (ERG) electrodes in dogs using ERG standards of the International Society for Clinical Electrophysiology of Vision (ISCEV). Ten healthy Yorkshire terrier dogs (mean age, 2.80 +/- 1.42 years; 6 females) weighing 5.20 +/- 1.56 kg were evaluated using an ERG system for veterinary use. Dark-and light-adapted ERG responses were recorded using an ERG-Jet electrode and a fiber electrode prototype. the examinations were performed during 2 visits, 3 weeks apart. Both electrodes (ERG-Jet or fiber prototype) were used on each animal and the first eye to be recorded (OD x OS) was selected randomly. Three weeks later the examination was repeated on the same animal switching the type of electrode to be used that day and the first eye to be examined. the magnitude and waveform quality obtained with the two electrode types were similar for all ERG responses. ERG amplitudes and implicit times obtained from dogs using the fiber electrode prototype were comparable to those obtained with the ERG-Jet electrode for rod, maximal rod-cone summed, cone, and 30-Hz flicker responses. the fiber electrode prototype is a low-cost device, available as an alternative instrument for clinical veterinary ERG recording for retinal function assessment.
ISSN: 0100-879X
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