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Title: Neonatal resuscitation: in pursuit of evidence gaps in knowledge
Authors: Perlman, Jeffrey
Kattwinkel, John
Wyllie, Jonathan
Guinsburg, Ruth [UNIFESP]
Velaphi, Sithembiso
Singhal, Nalini
Neonatal ILCOR Task Force Grp
Weill Cornell Med Coll
Univ Virginia
James Cook Univ
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Univ Witwatersrand
Calgary Reg Hlth Author
Keywords: ILCOR
Gaps in knowledge
Ventilation issues
Pulse oximetry
Temperature regulation
Cord clamping
Issue Date: 1-May-2012
Publisher: Elsevier B.V.
Citation: Resuscitation. Clare: Elsevier B.V., v. 83, n. 5, p. 545-550, 2012.
Abstract: Guidelines for the techniques of resuscitating newly born infants have undergone major revisions over the past 25 years. the International Liaison Committee on Resuscitation (ILCOR) is committed to periodically developing and publishing a consensus on resuscitation science every five years with the most recent Consensus on Science and Treatment Recommendations (CoSTR) statement published in 2010. the CoSTR document is used as a basis for developing specific resuscitation guidelines felt to be appropriate for implementation in respective countries. A gaps in knowledge summary is created at the conclusion of a cycle. It is a goal that identification of these knowledge gaps will stimulate investigators to pursue more targeted studies to help close the gaps. the current document is based on the gaps in knowledge summary for neonatal resuscitation that was created at the conclusion of the 2005-2010 ILCOR cycle. (c) 2012 Elsevier Ireland Ltd. All rights reserved.
ISSN: 0300-9572
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