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Title: Consistent Safety and Infectivity in Sporozoite Challenge Model of Plasmodium vivax in Malaria-Naive Human Volunteers
Authors: Herrera, Socrates
Solarte, Yezid
Jordan-Villegas, Alejandro
Echavarria, Juan Fernando
Rocha, Leonardo
Palacios, Ricardo [UNIFESP]
Ramirez, Oscar
Velez, Juan Diego
Epstein, Judith E.
Richie, Thomas L.
Arevalo-Herrera, Myriam
Malaria Vaccine & Drug Dev Ctr
Univ Valle
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Fdn Clin Valle del Lili
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2011
Publisher: Amer Soc Trop Med & Hygiene
Citation: American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene. Mclean: Amer Soc Trop Med & Hygiene, v. 84, n. 2, p. 4-11, 2011.
Abstract: A safe and reproducible Plasmodium vivax infectious challenge method is required to evaluate the efficacy of malaria vaccine candidates. Seventeen healthy Duffy (+) and five Duffy (-) subjects were randomly allocated into three (A-C) groups and were exposed to the bites of 2-4 Anopheles albimanus mosquitoes infected with Plasmodium vivax derived from three donors. Duffy (-) subjects were included as controls for each group. Clinical manifestations of malaria and parasitemia were monitored beginning 7 days post-challenge. All Duffy (+) volunteers developed patent malaria infection within 16 days after challenge. Prepatent period determined by thick smear, was longer for Group A (median 14.5 d) than for Groups B and C (median 10 d/each). Infected volunteers recovered rapidly after treatment with no serious adverse events. the bite of as low as two P vivax-infected mosquitoes provides safe and reliable infections in malaria-naive volunteers, suitable for assessing antimalarial and vaccine efficacy trials.
ISSN: 0002-9637
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