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Title: Trypanosoma cruziand myoid cells from seminiferous tubules: interaction and relation with fibrous components of extracellular matrix in experimental Chagas' disease
Authors: Pereira Carvalho, Luiz Otavio
Abreu-Silva, Ana Lucia
Hardoim, Daiana de Jesus
Tedesco, Roberto Carlos [UNIFESP]
Mendes, Veronica Goncalves
Goncalves da Costa, Sylvio Celso
Calabrese, Katia da Silva
Fiocruz MS
Univ Estadual Maranhao
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Keywords: collagenous
experimental Chagas' disease
extracellular matrix
myoid cells
seminiferous tubules
Issue Date: 1-Feb-2009
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Citation: International Journal of Experimental Pathology. Malden: Wiley-Blackwell Publishing, Inc, v. 90, n. 1, p. 52-57, 2009.
Abstract: The main transmission route of Trypanosoma cruzi is by triatomine bugs. However, T. cruzi is also transmitted through blood transfusion, organ transplantation, ingestion of contaminated food or fluids, or is congenital. Sexual transmission, although suggested since the discovery of Chagas' disease, has remained unproven. Sexual transmission would require T. cruzi to be located at the testes and ovaries. Here we investigated whether T. cruzi is present in the gonads of mice infected with 10(4)T. cruzi trypomastigotes from the CL strain. Fourteen days after experimental infection, histopathological examination showed alterations in the extracellular matrix of the lamina propria of the seminiferous tubules. Furthermore, amastigotes were present in seminiferous tubules, within myoid cells, and in the adjacencies of the basal compartment. These results indicate that T. cruzi is able to reach seminiferous tubule lumen, thus suggesting that Chagas' disease could potentially be transmitted through sexual intercourse. Complementary studies are required to demonstrate that Chagas' disease can be transmitted by coitus.
ISSN: 0959-9673
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