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Title: Indocyanine green mediated photothrombosis for the management of predominantly classic choroidal neovascularisation caused by age related macular degeneration
Authors: Farah, Michel E. [UNIFESP]
Cardillo, J. A.
Luzardo, A. C.
Calucci, Daniela [UNIFESP]
Williams, G. A.
Costa, R. A.
Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
Associated Retinal Consultants
Issue Date: 1-Aug-2004
Publisher: B M J Publishing Group
Citation: British Journal of Ophthalmology. London: B M J Publishing Group, v. 88, n. 8, p. 1055-1059, 2004.
Abstract: Aims: To study the effectiveness of indocyanine green mediated photothrombosis in the management of predominantly classic subfoveal choroidal neovascularisation associated with age related macular degeneration.Methods: Prospective, non-comparative, interventional case series of nine patients with predominantly classic subfoveal choroidal neovascularisation secondary to age related macular degeneration who declined photocoagulation or verteporfin photodynamic therapy. Patients were submitted to one or more treatments with an intravenous injection of a small volume of high concentration indocyanine green solution followed by low irradiance, large spot 810 nm continuous laser application via a transpupillary approach. Main outcome measures were change in best corrected visual acuity and macular exudative manifestations.Results: After 12 months of follow up, the final best corrected visual acuity was the same ( plus or minus two ETDRS lines) in five eyes (55%), improved more than two ETDRS lines in three eyes (33%), and worsened by more than two lines in the remaining eye. the improved vision was probably related to partial or complete restoration of the macular architecture as a result of fluid resolution, whereas the worsened vision was primarily the result of treatment failure in achieving substantial choroidal neovascular occlusion. There were no complications related to the procedure.Conclusion: Indocyanine green mediated photothrombosis may be an effective alternative treatment for predominantly classic subfoveal choroidal neovascularisation caused by age related macular degeneration.
ISSN: 0007-1161
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