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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2014Chronic light deprivation inhibits appetitive associative learning induced by ethanol and its respective c-Fos and pCREB expressionVarela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Escosteguy-Neto, João Carlos [UNIFESP]; Coelho, Carolina Tesone [UNIFESP]; Mello, Luiz Eugenio Araujo de Moraes [UNIFESP]; Silveira, Dartiu Xavier da [UNIFESP]; Santos-Junior, Jair Guilherme [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Fac Ciencias Med São Paulo
1-Sep-2013Effects of ethanol on hippocampal neurogenesis depend on the conditioned appetitive responseTesone-Coelho, Carolina [UNIFESP]; Varela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Escosteguy-Neto, João Carlos [UNIFESP]; Cavarsan, Clarissa F. [UNIFESP]; Mello, Luiz E. [UNIFESP]; Santos-Junior, Jair G. [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Fac Ciencias Med São Paulo
1-Jul-2012Electroacupuncture inhibits CB1 upregulation induced by ethanol withdrawal in miceEscosteguy-Neto, João Carlos [UNIFESP]; Fallopa, Paula [UNIFESP]; Varela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Filev, Renato [UNIFESP]; Tabosa, Angela [UNIFESP]; Santos-Junior, Jair Guilherme [UNIFESP]; Fac Med Sci Santa Casa São Paulo; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP)
1-Sep-2012Electroacupuncture reverses ethanol-induced locomotor sensitization and subsequent pERK expression in miceFallopa, Paula [UNIFESP]; Escosteguy-Neto, João Carlos [UNIFESP]; Varela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Carvalho, Thiago Nogueira [UNIFESP]; Tabosa, Angela Maria Florencio [UNIFESP]; Santos-Junior, Jair Guilherme [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Fac Med Sci
2016Genetic analysis of nephrotic syndrome by next-generation sequencing in children submitted to kidney transplantFeltran, Luciana de Santis [UNIFESP]; Varela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Veronez, Camila Lopes [UNIFESP]; Franco, Maria do Carmo Pinho [UNIFESP]; Silva Filho, A. P.; Camargo, M. F.; Nogueira, Paulo Cesar Koch [UNIFESP]; Pesquero, João Bosco [UNIFESP]
2017Novel Complex ABCA4 Alleles in Brazilian Patients With Stargardt Disease: Genotype-Phenotype CorrelationSalles, Mariana Vallim [UNIFESP]; Motta, Fabiana Louise [UNIFESP]; da Silva, Elton Dias [UNIFESP]; Varela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Costa, Karita Antunes; Filippelli-Silva, Rafael [UNIFESP]; Martin, Renan Paulo [UNIFESP]; Chiang, John (Pei-Wen); Pesquero, Joao Bosco [UNIFESP]; Ferraz Sallum, Juliana Maria [UNIFESP]
2016Reconsolidation and update of morphine-associated contextual memory in miceEscosteguy-Neto, Joao Carlos [UNIFESP]; Varela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Correa-Neto, Nelson Francisco; Coelho, Laura Segismundo; Onaivi, Emmanuel S.; Santos-Junior, Jair Guilherme
2017Targeted Next-Generation Sequencing in Brazilian Children With Nephrotic Syndrome Submitted to Renal TransplantFeltran, Luciana S. [UNIFESP]; Varela, Patricia [UNIFESP]; Silva, Elton Dias [UNIFESP]; Veronez, Camila Lopes [UNIFESP]; Franco, Maria Carmo [UNIFESP]; Pacheco Filho, Alvaro [UNIFESP]; Camargo, Maria Fernanda [UNIFESP]; Koch Nogueira, Paulo Cesar [UNIFESP]; Pesquero, Joao Bosco [UNIFESP]