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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Color vision discrimination in low-income school children with low birth weightSacai, Paula Y. [UNIFESP]; Lapa, Maria Cecilia S. [UNIFESP]; Cavascan, Nivea Nunes [UNIFESP]; Puccini, Rosana F. [UNIFESP]
2016The photopic negative response: an objective measure of retinal ganglion cell in patients with Leber's Hereditary Optic NeuropathyKaranjia, Rustum; Berezovsky, Adriana [UNIFESP]; Sacai, Paula Y. [UNIFESP]; de Moraes-Filho, Milton N. [UNIFESP]; Cavascan, Nivea Nunes [UNIFESP]; Salomao, Solange Rios [UNIFESP]; Watanabe, Sung Eun Song [UNIFESP]; Belfort, Rubens [UNIFESP]; Carelli, Vallerio; Coupland, Stuart G.; Sadun, Alfredo A.
25-Feb-2021Potenciais visuais evocados multicanais na avaliação das vias visuaisSacai, Paula Y. [UNIFESP]; Lima, Anivaldo O. N. [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo - UNIFESP;;; Berezovsky, Adriana [UNIFESP];
2016Study Design and Methods for a Population-based Study on the Prevalence and Causes of Distance and Near Vision Impairment and Blindness in Parintins City: The Brazilian Amazon Region Eye Survey (BARES)Salomao, Solange Rios [UNIFESP]; Munoz, Sergio; Furtado, Joao M. [UNIFESP]; Ferraz, Alberto Nunes, Jr. [UNIFESP]; Berezovsky, Adriana [UNIFESP]; Cavascan, Nivea Nunes [UNIFESP]; Sacai, Paula Y. [UNIFESP]; Kimie Higashi Mitsuhiro, Marcia Regina [UNIFESP]; Cohen, Jacob Moyses; Belfort, Rubens [UNIFESP]