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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Aerobic training restores endothelial function in intrauterine growth restricted rats: Possible involvement of eNOS(Thr495) phosphorylationOliveira, Vanessa [UNIFESP]; Victorino, Livia [UNIFESP]; Silva Junior, Sebastiao Donato; Fernandes, Tiago; Akamine, Eliana; Catelli de Carvalho, Maria Helena; Menezes de Oliveira, Edilamar; Michelini, Lisete Compagno; Franco, Maria [UNIFESP]
2017The antioxidant effects of green tea reduces blood pressure and sympathoexcitation in an experimental model of hypertensionGarcia, Michelle L. [UNIFESP]; Pontes, Roberto B. [UNIFESP]; Nishi, Erika E. [UNIFESP]; Ibuki, Flavia K.; Oliveira, Vanessa [UNIFESP]; Sawaya, Alexandra C. H.; Carvalho, Patricia O.; Nogueira, Fernando N.; Franco, Maria do Carmo [UNIFESP]; Campos, Ruy R. [UNIFESP]; Oyama, Lila M. [UNIFESP]; Bergamaschi, Cassia T. [UNIFESP]
2017Birth Weight and Its Relationship with the Cardiac Autonomic Balance in Healthy ChildrenSouza, Livia Victorino [UNIFESP]; Oliveira, Vanessa [UNIFESP]; De Meneck, Franciele [UNIFESP]; Grotti Clemente, Ana Paula; Louzada Strufaldi, Maria Wany [UNIFESP]; Franco, Maria do Carmo [UNIFESP]
18-Nov-2014Influence of Aerobic Training on the Reduced Vasoconstriction to Angiotensin II in Rats Exposed to Intrauterine Growth Restriction: Possible Role of Oxidative Stress and AT(2) Receptor of Angiotensin IIOliveira, Vanessa [UNIFESP]; Akamine, Eliana Hiromi; Carvalho, Maria Helena C.; Michelini, Lisete Compagno; Fortes, Zuleica Bruno; Cunha, Tatiana Sousa [UNIFESP]; Franco, Maria do Carmo [UNIFESP]; Universidade Federal de São Paulo (UNIFESP); Universidade de São Paulo (USP)
2018Nandrolone combined with strenuous resistance training reduces vascular nitric oxide bioavailability and impairs endothelium-dependent vasodilationGuzzoni, Vinicius; Cunha, Tatiana Sousa [UNIFESP]; das Neves, Vander Jose; Briet, Larissa; Costa, Rafaela; Costa Sampaio Moura, Maria Jose; Oliveira, Vanessa [UNIFESP]; Pinho Franco, Maria do Carmo [UNIFESP]; Novaes, Pedro Duarte; Marcondes, Fernanda Klein
2016Serum endocan levels associated with hypertension and loss of renal function in pediatric patients after two years from renal transplantde Souza, Livia Victorino [UNIFESP]; Oliveira, Vanessa [UNIFESP]; Laurindo, Aline Oliveira [UNIFESP]; Huarachi, DelmaRegina Gomes [UNIFESP]; Koch Nogueira, Paulo Cesar [UNIFESP]; Feltran, Luciana de Santis [UNIFESP]; Medina-Pestana, Jose Osmar [UNIFESP]; Franco, Andmaria do Carmo [UNIFESP]